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How To Use Thermal Tape

28 May, 2021

How To Use thermal tape

NKS series thermally conductive adhesive tapes are made of advanced thermal conductive PSA. They satisfy the demand of high adhesion and excellent thermal conductive efficiency by providing a preferential heat-transfer peth between heat-generating components and heat sink or other cooling devices. 

Proper use of a thermal compound between the CPU and heatsink is absolutely necessary for proper cooling of the CPU. If your CPU and heatsink instructions tell you to use a thermal compound, do not omit this step.


Thermal compound comes in two forms. First is thermal grease, which looks just like any other thick liquid. If thermal grease is used, you simply place a drop of thermal grease on the die before installing the heatsink. Use a drop just about the size of a small pea and place it at the center of the die. As the heatsink is installed, it is pressed down and the thermal grease will compress and flatten out.

Second, and a better, less messy method, is a thermal tape applied to the heatsink that comes with the heatsink .  Examine your heatsink and your heatsink instructions to see which method is used. If your heatsink has a strip of thermal tape on it, you don’t need to use thermal grease. The tape is used instead of the grease.

If your heatsink has a thermal tape applied to it, remove the cover of the tape just before you install the heatsink. Don’t allow the thermal tape to be exposed for a long period of time before doing the installation. You don’t want it to attract dirt.


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